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We are here at Lucknow to help you for making 


with technical training and New, Advance Innovative Ideas. Our aim to provide technical knowledge to students so that they can build there own future. Our society working for poor as well as deaf-dumb and blind students for more than ten years .Now we are here at Lucknow from year 2009 and trying to help students. Our  vision to come in front of you with wider and vast face of technical field.

PROJECT LIST for EC & related branches + EE & ME Branch
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1.    Computerized Automation 
2.    IR Stepper Motor Control
3.    Wireless Control Plant
4.    Wireless unman weapon
5.    Automatic Control System
6.    Anti-collision Breaking
7.    Prepaid Energy Meter
8.    Voice Operated Multi-switching System
9.    Electronic Power Plant
10.        Radar (Speed cum distance measurement)
11.        Power Generation using Vehicle
12.        Prototype Satellite Communication
13.        Cell Phone Robot
14.        Home Automation using Internet Fire Fighting Robot
15.        Function Generator using Microcontroller
16.        Complete Robot
17.        Wireless Data Hacking System
18.        Edge Avoiding Robot
19.        High Frequency Signal Jammer
20.        Line Follower
21.        RF I-Card System
22.        Wall Climbing Robot
23.        PC to PC wireless data transmission
24.        Wireless Robotic Arm
25.        Anti-hacking System
26.        Wired Robotic Arm
27.        Wireless Password Control Module
28.        PC Based Robotic Arm
29.        LPG/Alcohol Gas detector with control
30.        Wireless Robot
31.         Mobile controlled device
32.        Microcontroller based Robotic Arm
33.        Automatic car parking system
34.        Electronic Earth Resistance Measurement
35.        Digital filter design using μC
36.        Voice Transmitter
37.        Signal generator with wireless transmission
38.  Two Channel PC Based Oscilloscope
39.  Device control with real time control
40.  Optical fiber speech communication
41.  Ultrasonic Distance Meter
42.  Final quantization display of any analog value
43.  µC based Heart Rate Meter
44.  Binary data generator
45.  PC based Automatic Time Manager
46.  All Type RC Helicopter/Aeroplane
47.  Cell-phone Operated Land Rover
48.  Voice Controlled Robotic Car
49.  Automatic Room Power Controller
50.  Microcontroller based Digital Filters
51.  Automatic Rain Timer with Temperature Sensor
52.  Digital Thermometer cum Controller
53.  Truth Table evaluator & k-map Plotter
54.  DTMF based RF Remote Control
55.  Robotic Arm Trainer
56.  PC Controlled Locomotion
57.  Development Implementation of Tabular Method by MATLAB
58.  DC Servo Motor Controller
59.  Automatic Railway Gate Control & Tracking Switching
60.  Computer Controlled Frequency
61.  Counter/Logic Probe
62.  Traffic & Street Light Controller
63.  Anti Collision System
64.  Robotic Fireman
65.  Line Tracking Van
66.  PC based Railway Tracking System
67.  Remote Control for Power Switches
68.  PC based Oscilloscope
69.  Prepaid Electronic Energy Meter
70.  Fingerprint Identification
71.  Digital Remote Thermometer
72.  MATLAB Simulation of FIR Filters
73.  P-Spice Simulation of Constant Voltage Power Supply
74.  Automated Guided Vehicle
75.  µC based Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
76.  µC Based Solar Light Sensing System
77.  RF Controlled Unmanned Vehicle
78.  Optical based Digital Speedometer
79.  Wireless Keyboard
80.  µC based Security Access Control System
81.  Simulation & Analysis of High Order Phase Locked Loops
82.  µC based Control of Electrical Appliances using Mobile
83.  MATLAB Implementation of Incremental Viterbi Algorithm
84.  Speed Control of Fan through temperature Sensor
85.  Smart Security System
86.  Industrial transporter
87.  Cell Phone based Voting Machine
88.  Sound Operated Appliance Control
89.  RF Controlled Terrorist Fighting Robot
90.  Simulation & Implementation of Hamming Encoder, Syndrome Generator, Decoder
91.  Implementation of Adaptive Channel
92.  Equalizer using MATLAB
93.  PC to PC Speech Signal Transmission
94.  Automatic Bottle Filling Plant
95.  Implementation of Bi-Quad Filter using Opamp
96.  Secured Wireless Data Transmission using µC
97.  Voice Recognition using MATLAB
98.  Mobile Operated robot
99.  µC based Electronic Eye
100.                    Automatic Toll Tax
101.                    Temperature controlled Fan
102.                    Multichannel Multi-sensor Fire Control and Supervisory System
103.                    Automatic Parking System
104.                    Fastest Finger First using µC
105.                    Voice Recognition System
106.                    Ultrasonic Navigation aid for the Blind
107.                    PC based Data Logger
108.                    Fingerprint based Biometric Authentication
109.                    System using a Digital Camera
110.                    µC based Robot Monitoring through Spoken Commands
111.                    Mine Robots for the Detection of GasLeakage and Temperature Rise
112.                    RFID based Security System
113.                    Electricity from Walking
114.                    Wireless IR Based Security System
115.                    Solar Tracker based Power Supply
116.                    Wireless Electronic Notice Board
117.                    Wireless Water Level Controller
118.                    Electronic Voting Machine
119.                    Intelligent Room Light Controller
120.                    Intelligent traffic Light Controller
121.                    Automated Wheel Chair
122.                    RF Based Remote control
123.                    Wireless Control of Appliances using RF Technology
124.                    RFID Based Attendance System
125.                    Remoter Controlled Fan Regulator
126.                    RFID Based Security System
127.                    Office Calling System Using RF technology
128.                    Secured Wireless Data Communication
129.                    Waveform Generation using Microcontroller Timers
130.                    Car Parking System
131.                    Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System
132.                    Pick and Place robot
133.                    Home Security System
134.                    RFID based Toll Collection System
135.                    LCD based sound operated display
136.                    Remote Controlled Digital Clock
137.                    Clap counter
138.                    Secured Wireless Communication System
139.                    Distance measurement using Infrared sensor
140.                    Home automation using Speech Recognition
141.                    Home appliances control by IR Remote
142.                    Complete Secure Wireless Communication  System
143.                    GSM based Home Security System
144.                    PLC based Device Control using µC
145.                    GSM based Industrial Automation
146.                    Student’s idea based projects
EE Projects
1.    Auto-cut primary winding at over heat with detection
2.    Open dynamo strµCture and its simulation
3.    Doubling the Torque of DC Motor using Electrical Drive
4.    H.T. lines system or high voltage transmission system
5.    Simulation of DC Motor using MATLAB
6.    High power inverter with advance features
7.    Multi RPM selection of any type motor
8.    Mechanical to electrical power converter
9.    Embedded dynamo system: with DC motor coupling
10.     Advance electrical power station with auto-cut
11.     Wireless power transmission (WPT)
12.     Simulation of different layer transformer system
13.     Power generation using moving vehicle
14.     MXN-cell battery storage system and its different uses
15.     Wireless control of any type of motor
16.     Automated electrical-mechanical relay
17.     High voltage transmission system
18.     Password protected armature field
19.     DC chopper system
20.     Maglev Technology based projects
21.     Wireless power transmission (WPT)
22.     Simulation of different layer transformer system
23.     Power generation using moving vehicle
24.     MXN-cell battery storage system and its different uses
25.     Wireless control of any type of motor
26.     Automated electrical-mechanical relay
27.     High voltage transmission system
28.     Password protected armature field
29.     DC chopper system
30.     Maglev Technology based projects
Pure Research Based Projects
Second Oder digital filter using µC also with MATLAB
All type analog filters
Multi stage amplifier
Harmonic detection using active filter
Noise reduction of ECG pattern using windowing
Noise reduction of a pattern using different windowing
Implementation of micro strip antenna.
 Implementation of Yagi-Uda antenna.
Implementation of Bi-Quad Filter using Opamp
Wireless power transmission (WPT)
PLC controlled device using µC

Note:Hear we provide technological knowledge Technical support Technical help and latest
technical article for all technological activities in the real world. professionals who are trying
to make their own  technical electrical/ electronics, mechanical, Computer science and
artificial intelligence based projects for patents, we help them. Awill guru helps the final year students who make their own Final year projects of electronics
and communication branch, electrical engineering branch, computer science branch,
mechanical branch, instrumentation branch, artificial intelligence branch, and so on..,
all kinds of projects are available here like embedded system, Robotics artificial intelligence,
ultrasonic based, micro controller based projects, manual PLC  using microcontroller,
also possibility on the research projects like filters DSP based project, butter worth/
Chebyshev filters, Band pass all pass low pass filters etc in lucknow


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