Facebook finds Independence document 'racist'

Facebook finds Independence document 'racist'

Facebook's algorithm has ruled that declaration of independence in some parts of America is hate speech and the excerpts posted on the platform have been removed.

For Independence Day, an American community paper based in Texas was posting a small daily part of the historical document on its Facebook page.

On the issue was a part of what is called "merciless Indian savages".

Facebook later apologized and allowed posting.

Liberty County Windicator was sharing shares on its Facebook page from America's founder document in an attempt to encourage historical literacy among its readers.

Part 10 did not appear while receiving a notice from the paper Facebook said that the post went against its standards on hate speech.

Editor Casey Stinet wrote after the abusive paragraph: "Perhaps Thomas Jefferson wrote it as 'Native Americans in the challenging phase of cultural development' which would have been better.

"Unfortunately, Jefferson, like most British settlers of his day, did not take a completely favorable view of the Native Americans."

The newspaper later confirmed that there has been a change in heart in Facebook and apologized.

The company said to the Windicator, "It seems that we have made a mistake and removed some things posted on Facebook that do not go against our community standards."

"We are sorry and wanted to let you know that we have restored your content and removed any block on your account related to this wrong action."

In a blog post, Christian Britsgie, assistant editor of Political Magazine said that the decision demonstrated the problem with automatic searches for hate speech.

He said, "A robot trained to find a politically incorrect language is not enough to understand that the language is historically part of a significant document."

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